Lovers and Players by Jackie Collins


No one could accuse Jackie Collins of misselling- that metallic embossing and glamorous woman on the front cover tells you exactly what’s inside.

Lovers and Players is a guilty pleasure. It’s short and snappy, but there is enough attention to detail to make the characters more than cardboard cutouts. Just- it’s not as good as her Lucky Santangelo books, but you could do worse if  you wanted the book equivalent of a MacDonalds.

What characters- a whole unfeasibly attractive cast to keep you amused. There’s the Diamond family: evil ageing millionaire Red and his three sons. There’s Diahann, Red’s set-upon house keeper, and her beautiful bi-racial daughter hoping to make it big in the music industry, Liberty. Not to mention any Russian mobsters, beautiful escorts or hip hop hunnies who swagger through the pages.

What I like about Collins is that there’s no moral imperative that sometimes comes with ‘chick lit’ (as much as I hate the term)- cheating men are ok if they’re handsome and kind to children, girls can be ruthless as long as they’re also sassy and stylish. The really bad guys satisfyingly get their comeuppance, but anything goes as long as you’re entertaining.

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