The Shift by Professor Lynda Gratton


Want to know what work will be like in 15 years time? Yup, so do I.

This is where Professor Lynda Gratton comes in. She takes past data and current trends to postulate the future. Gratton uses personas as case studies; Jill who works in increments of 15 minutes with remote global teams but never builds personal relationships or Xui Li the artisan using technology to create a hyper efficient production model.

Some of it is logical, like populations working and living longer or urbanisation. Some of it is more unusual like virtual avatars in the workplace or robot freelance agencies.

It’s all very well proffering clear, original visions of the future but Gratton is more vague as to how to meet these challenges. She suggests key ‘shifts’ we have to make: to become a serial master, to innovate collaboratively, and working for passionate personal fulfilment.

But I look to do these things anyway- this is already what I aspire to. How will I thrive in a virtual, fragmented, global-warmed world using my collaborative conference calling skills? Yikes.

I guess no one, not even Gratton, has all the answers. But at least The Shift gives you food for thought.

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