Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty


Apple Tree Yard is undoubtedly the thriller du jour- its already had the BBC drama treatment as I write this. I’ve had to stop myself of from watching the wonderful Emily Watson and race through the book at breakneck speed to avoid spoilers.

Which was absolutely no problem at all. It’s a crackling thriller, exploring female sexuality, the judicial process and culpability. Plus I promise this review is spoiler free.

It begins with scientist Yvonne standing in a court room, charged with a crime we know nothing about with an accomplice whose name we don’t know. She narrates the events of the last few months that have brought her to this low point.

It’s both racy and racing. From respectable suburban business-as-usual, electric undercurrents build from nowhere until you’re perched on the edge of your seat (or court bench in this case), desperate to get a glimpse of what really happens beneath the surface.

You can definitely feel a bit of Gone Girl’s legacy with the unreliable narration and heady blend of sex, deceit and destruction, but it’s original enough to hold its own.

Read: for a thrill

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