Mad Love by Nick Spalding


I very much feel that there is a place for happy romance in Fiction. A book Rom Com if you will.

But *sigh* Mad Love isn’t it for me. The premise is that video game journalist man-child Adam and wholesome sassy American Cassie are a woefully mismatched couple who have agreed to marry on first sight as a publicity stunt for a dating website. As they go on a year long promotional tour they come together, despite inauspicious beginnings.

It does have some good laugh out loud moments. A farting massage scene for instance or the wonderfully cringe-inducing party. The internal monologues of Adam and Cassie are very believable and amusing. But the love story doesn’t ring true- I dont understand why they love each other.

The plot meanders along in a series of set pieces; there are few obstacles for them to overcome other than the fact they’re strangers in a kooky engineered situation which requires photo shoots or to meet the parents. This would work on screen; lots of it has good film potential. As a book it feels a bit flimsy.

Some people will really enjoy this. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations, but won’t someone write me a modern Bridget Jones’s Diary soon?

Read: And imagine it as a film version instead.

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